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ISA offers the ultimate platform for aspiring players in travel baseball and softball who seek accelerated development and a deeper understanding of the game compared to recreational leagues. It stands as the foremost international initiative committed to fostering complete players and elevating their baseball expertise.

Athletes engage with coaches boasting extensive backgrounds in professional or high collegiate baseball, forming a tightly-knit collaboration to nurture not only physical prowess but also mental acuity.

The program warmly welcomes individuals of all skill levels, whether adept or inexperienced. Coaches adeptly tailor their training regimens to align with each athlete’s present abilities and advancement trajectory.

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Do you have your own academy or travel team program? Are you looking for additional resources to help build your program? Do you need more specialized coaching?

ISA mentors, builds and markets academies and travel team programs on a global scale. Coaches join under the affiliate program or just partner with the program to have access to ISA’s unlimited resources.

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Does your travel baseball or softball team need an indoor facility or fields? Do you need help with coaching or more specialized coaching? Are you looking for consistent play for your team on a competitive level? Are you interested in playing against international teams?

ISA help with all the above with resources ranging from specialized coaching, field accessibility, indoor facilities, tournaments, leagues, international play, guest pro instructors, and much more.

Teams join ISA either under the membership program or for free to be a part of the international standings and rankings.

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Do you have additional questions?2021-01-19T20:36:58+00:00

Feel free to contact us anytime by Email: [email protected] or Phone: (818) 217-0428

What type of skill level does ISA look for?2021-01-19T20:37:06+00:00

We don’t prefer any level of skill by any player. As long as the player loves the game.

How old does my kid have to be to sign up?2021-01-19T20:37:12+00:00

Our minimum age is 6 years old, but the youngest teams we have are 8U. So all 6-7 year old players would play on a 8U team.

Are players required to play internationally?2021-01-19T20:37:19+00:00

No. The international games and tournaments are just an option available to anybody that is a part of our programs. We do bring international teams here as well, so players will have a chance to play international teams on a local level.